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Leather Care Products

No other trim material is as durable, as convenient and as easy to care for as leather. Leather can typically be cleaned by simply washing it with a mild soap using a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. But we suggest that every few months you give it an extra cleaning using our leather cleaner and conditioner to maintain the leather's smell, durability, resiliency and color.

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Leather Cleaner

Leather Conditioner
  • Cleans Safely and Effectively
  • Leaves Leather Naturally Clean
  • Usable For All Finished Leather
  • Concentrated Solution, Add Water
  • 8 oz. Bottle
  • Provides Natural, Low-Luster Shine
  • No Greasy Residue
  • Helps Keep Leather Clean
  • Restores Leather Smell
  • 8 oz. Bottle

Why use a Leather Cleaner?

Leather's surface has natural pores and crevices in which particles of dirt and other matter can collect. Cleaning the surface regularly will reduce this effect and help prolong the life of the leather. Avoid using any harsh household cleaning products, especially ammonia solvents, or rubber, vinyl and plastic cleaners on leather as they will likely damage the finish.

Why use a Leather Conditioner?

Conditioning leather provides three basic benefits:

1. Moisturizes the leather to help prevent it from drying out
2. Provides a physical barrier to help prevent surface soiling and abrasion
3. Adds a degree of gloss to enhance the beauty and appearance of the leather

Leather is typically finished with coatings which protect the surface from the perils of the sun's damaging rays as well making it resistant to soiling. A good conditioner, such as Gliptone Leather Conditioner, enhances these characteristics, helping to preserve the appearance and long term durability of the leather while adding a great leather aroma.

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