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Warranty Information

Warranty Questions? Call our Toll Free # 1-800-222-9577
Monday to Friday, 8 am - 5 pm (PST)
Or Contact Us HERE

General Warranty Glass Windows Terms & Conditions
Tops & Rear Glass Other Warranties Exclusions
Warranty Claims Special Orders Company Policy

General Warranty

All our products including Seat Upholstery, Carpet Sets, Convertible Tops, Tonneau Covers, Top Boots, Glass and Plastic Windows, Headliners, etc. are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our plant. We offer a limited extended warranty for our products based on the type of material in which it is made. We guarantee our workmanship, and offer protection against failure in toppings, such as cracking, delamination, extreme color fading, creasing or discoloration (except for Domestic Vinyl and lighter colors of German Cloth toppings for which no warranty is available) during the warranty periods listed here. Our warranty does not cover damage caused to our products by failure to properly operate a convertible top and glass or plastic window by not following the procedures outlined in your owners manual, nor any damage caused by abuse whether accidental or intentional, or damage which may occur during installation or caused by use of improper cleaning techniques or cleaners. Our warranty further does not cover damage to our products caused by top frame components or poor design of tops, top frames, etc. by convertible manufacturers.

Labor and freight allowances will not be made in any circumstance!

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Glass Windows

There is no warranty against breakage of glass windows since we have no control over the use and treatment of glass windows after these have been installed. We do however, offer a 2-Year Warranty against failure of the bond of the sport topping to the glass, or failure in the topping that would cause the glass window not to operate correctly.

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Terms and Conditions

If a defect is found in one of World Upholstery & Trim's products, we reserve the right to have item/items returned to us for inspection before any adjustment is made. All determinations of warranty credit will be pro-rated based on the length of time the item was in service. All requests for warranty adjustment by convertible owners should be directed to the auto trim and upholstery shop which installed our product. We stand behind our products and while we must protect against abuse and negligence, customer satisfaction is always the number one priority of our warranty policy.

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Convertible Tops and Rear Glass Windows

36 oz. Bison Crush Grain Single Texture Vinyl
36 oz. Deluxe Supreme Pinpoint Grain Single Texture Vinyl
Eurotopping KV Grain Single Texture Vinyl
38 oz. Cabriolet Grain Single Texture Vinyl
Eurotopping Cabrio Grain Single Texture Vinyl
38 oz. Ford of Europe Escort Grain Single Texture Vinyl
36 oz. Chrysler Crush Grain Single Texture Vinyl
Cami Double Coated Vinyl Suzuki Samurai/Sidekick and Geo Tracker
Topping for Isuzu Amigo, Suzuki, etc.
36 oz. Chrysler Vinyl Sailcloth Single Texture Vinyl
Original Equipment Weight Double Texture Vinyl
Original British Everflex Vinyl
Stafast Cloth with Black or Tan Drill Backing
Stafast "G"® Cloth with German Style Tan or Black Backing
Haartz Twillfast Cloth with German Style Black Backing
Original Happich Sonnenland and Aresma German Cloth
2 Years*
2 Years*
2 Years*
2 Years*
2 Years*
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years*
1 Year
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
3 Years**

* No Warranty against Creasing, Discoloration or Shrinkage
** No Warranty for Color Fading for Tan or Light Shades

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Other Warranties

We offer a One Year Warranty for Seat Upholstery, Carpet Kits, Headliners, Top Boots and Tonneau Covers regardless of the sport topping or other material in which they are made.

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Exclusions From Warranty Coverage

Damage Caused by worn or defective top frames and mechanisms: We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to our convertible tops and other products caused by worn or defective top frames, or other body, interior trim or top frame components. We further cannot be held responsible for damage to our products caused by the auto manufacturer's designs of convertible tops or top frames. 1987-95 BMW 3 Series, Z3 Roadsters, Alante, 1987-95 Camaro, and 1987-95 Saab convertibles for example, have problems in the design of the top, or top frame that can cause convertible tops to be pinched, cut, or develop holes as a result of raising and lowering the top over time.

Damage Caused by Improper Installation: We further cannot be held responsible for damage to our products caused by incorrect or improper installation procedures or failure to install or replace cables, hardware, top or quarter pads or other components originally installed by the manufacturer which must be in good condition for our top, glass rear window assembly, etc. to operate.

Improper Cleaning or Abuse: Any damage to our products caused by improper cleaning techniques, or damage caused by abuse, whether accidental or intentional, is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Normal Color Fading and Shrinkage: All sport toppings, vinyl or cloth, will experience some color fading and normal shrinkage over time. We cannot be held responsible for this unavoidable "aging" process.

Plastic Windows: We offer no warranty for plastic rear windows because no clear, flexible plastic exists that can stand up to the harmful effects of UV light, and the atmospheric chemicals that are found in smog, smoke, dust, fog, etc. Frequent cleaning however, will prolong the service life of plastic windows. Never use dry towels of any kind on plastic windows.

Zippers and Fasteners: Always treat zippers and fasteners with care since no warranty is available from zipper or fastener manufacturers. For all Convertible Tops with zipper windows, always unlatch the Top at the front before unzipping or zipping the window close! We can guarantee only that zippers and fasteners were free of defects at the time of shipment, since we have no control over its use during or after installation.

Thread: The thread currently available is UV resistant but it does not offer the colorfastness of vinyl or sport toppings and has a chance of fading over time.

Alteration / Modification of Our Products: Any alteration, modification, substitution of components, etc. that in any manner alters the appearance or the way in which our products function, automatically voids our Warranty Protection.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by Acts of God such as floods, hail storms, earthquakes, etc. There are no additional warranties or guarantees expressed or implied, beyond what is described above. We further do not authorize others to make any claims of merchantability, warranty, fitness, etc. of our products other than what is described above.

Products Manufactured by Other Manufacturers: We cannot be held responsible for products not of our manufacture.

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Warranty Claims

Our Limited Warranty applies to the original purchaser of our products only. Any sale or transfer of the part(s) or vehicle to another party voids our warranty. For the limited warranty to be valid, a copy of the retail invoice from us or the automotive trim and upholstery shop that installed our product on your vehicle, clearly stating the use of our product, should be submitted with any warranty claim.

All requests for warranty claims by convertible owners must be substantiated by the automotive trim and upholstery shop where our product(s) were installed.

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Special Order / Non-Returnable Items

All Convertible Tops, Glass Rear Windows and other products ordered in non-original (not supplied by the original manufacturer) toppings, materials or colors, CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR CREDIT OR REFUND. All Products that we manufactured as a special order will have a re-stock fee of 20% to 50% that will be applied to all returned items not defective or damaged.

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Company Policy

Discounts if any are based on your quantity of purchases.

All items are shipped F.O.B. Santa Paula, California. Your invoice will show actual freight charges including a modest handling charge. Orders for inventoried materials or stocked manufactured items received before 12:00 noon (Pacific time) can usually be shipped the same day. Manufactured items not kept in stock usually require 7 to 10 days for production. Parts imported or supplied by other vendors may take 14 days or longer. All orders are shipped UPS Ground unless an alternative method is requested at the time your order is placed.

All orders are shipped "Prepaid" unless other arrangements have been previously been made. Other arrangements include:

1. COD Cash or Cashiers Check Only. (Business Accounts Only)
2. COD Company Check OK (Business Accounts Only)
3. Open Account Due and Payable on Receipt of Invoice (Manufacturer Dealers Only)

Since many of our products are imported and unique, they are prepaid and non returnable by us. We will therefore not extend terms on any of the items we sell. Regardless of your credit terms with us we reserve the right to require prepayment on special order items. Special order items may include parts in original but rare colors or materials (usually for grey market cars) You will be advised if yours is a special order when you place it.

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