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Alfa Romeo Spider - Giulietta and Giulia [1955-1965]
Convertible Top Installation Guide

This guide is recommended for World Upholstery & Trim's Products only!
It is designed to help the amateur restorer with some installation experience.
We cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred due to improper installation.

Tools Required Additional Parts Top Preparations
Car Preparations Top Removal Top Installation

Tools Required

  • Phillips & Slotted Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Marking Pencil or Chalk
  • Metric Socket Set
  • Blunt Stuffing Tool
    (ex. Rounded Putty Knife)
  • Awl
  • Hammer
  • Spray Adhesive - 1 lb (#9410) or
    Brush Adhesive - 1 qt (#9411)
  • Weatherseal Adhesive - Black (#9412)
  • Silicone Adhesive - Black (#9413)
  • Protective Blankets
  • Masking Tape
  • Pliers or Vice Grips
  • 1/2" Hole Puncher

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Parts That May Require Replacement (Not Included)

  • Convertible Top Straps (pair) (#175-3056)
  • Header Rubber Seal (#175-5133)

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Convertible Top Preparations Before Installation

  • Inspect the contents of your box against your invoice. Make sure you have the right color and material.
  • Put masking tape for protection over the inside and outside of the plastic window on your new Top.

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Car Preparations Before Installation

  • Protect car with fender covers or blankets to avoid damage to the finish.
  • Inspect the Top's frame for damage or deterioration.
  • Lubricate the pivot points with non-staining lubricant (#WD40).
  • Delay the installation of your new Top if all the parts necessary are not at hand.

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Old Convertible Top Removal

  • Raise the top and latch into position. Mark position of bows on old top and measure distance between them.
  • Unlatch top from windshield header and fold back. Do not lower complete top into the well.
  • Remove top to windshield seal and release top fabric from channel in header bow.
  • Inspect wood tack strip for replacement if necessary.
  • Re-latch top frame to windshield, fold back top fabric and note location of bows.
  • Release the rear bar from the hooks on the rear deck and fold rear section onto the top deck.
  • Remove the top fabric from the bar.
  • Clean off any old adhesive from the bar and the header.
  • Re-hook the rear bar to the hooks on the rear deck
  • Before installing the new top it is critical that the bow height be checked and if necessary be reset. This is especially important on cars which may have had several replacement tops.
    • This is done with the frame up and the top locked into position.
    • The dimension between the rear rail and the back bow should be 16 inches.
    • This dimension is controlled by the top straps. Worn, frayed or discolored straps may be replaced with new straps (#175-3056)

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New Convertible Top Installation

  • Before beginning installation, inspect Top frame for loose fasteners or bent bows.
  • Header should be covered in cotton headliner fabric.
  • If replacing the Top straps(#175-3056), make sure the center deck is close to horizontal between the 1st and 2nd bow.
  • Latch the Top frame to the windshield.
  • Spread the Top fabric over the Top frame with lower center rear seam on the corner of the rear bar.
  • Check that the rear bow aligns with the seam across the Top fabric above the rear window. (approx 16")
  • If the bows are all in the right position, (compare to the old Top's position), begin installation.
  • Mark the center line at the front and rear of the Top fabric as well as the rear bar and header bar.
  • Remove the rear bar from the rear hooks and lay it on the straps on the Top deck.
  • Beginning in the center of the rear bar, use contact adhesive to glue the Top fabric to the bottom of the rear bar.
  • Welt at the bottom rear should follow the line of the Top. The sealing roll should be slightly visible.
  • Make sure that the rear most seam of the double seam on the Top fabric is on the bottom rear edge of the bar.
  • Do not glue to the inside of the rear bar at this time.
  • Refit rear bar to rear hooks. Check for wrinkles and adjust as necessary.
  • Pull the Top fabric forward tightly by hand across the header bow and center.
  • Chalk a line to correspond to the leading edge of the header bow on the face of the fabric.
  • Unlatch the Top at the front and fold back.
  • Beginning in the center of the header, lightly staple the fabric to the tack strip with the chalk line 1/2" to 1" forward of the front edge.
  • Re-latch the Top to the windshield and make sure that the Top is taut and not tight and there are no wrinkles.
  • Adjust as necessary by re-stapling.
  • Do not put the final glue and staple to the header yet.
  • Pull the rear 1/4 panels down and forward to remove any wrinkles.
  • Mark the 1/4 panels with the location of the 4 common sense fasteners on the body.
  • Unlatch the top from the header and fold back to the center.
  • Release the rear bar, cut holes and install 4 common sense escutcheons on the rear 1/4 panels.
  • Hook the rear bar and side common sense fasteners and then latch at the header.
  • Check for wrinkles and adjust as necessary.
  • Use two #4 sheet metal screws and cup washers to attach the Top through the binding at the ends of the header bow.
  • Use contact adhesive to glue the Top fabric to the inside of rear bar. Trim if necessary.
  • Use contact adhesive to glue the Top fabric to the channel on the header bow then staple. Trim if necessary.
  • Seal the staples with silicone sealant or something similar.
  • Install the header rubber seal (#175-5133) using weatherstrip adhesive.
  • Latch the Top into position.
  • Remove the tools and protective coverings.
  • Check for excess adhesive and clean off with solvent.

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